This Son Of A Syrian Refugee Is The Symbol Of American Entrepreneurship (TWEET)

Since the horrific terror attack in Paris last week, the reaction from the right has been what the reaction from the right always is: they want to seal up the borders.

Naturally, that’s short sighted. It’s impossible to seal up the borders and we are a country built on immigration. The refugees from Syria are not ISIS terrorists coming to kill us. They have to go through an extensive screening process to even be allowed in the country.

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One problem when you seal up borders (besides the obvious logistical challenges) is that you risk locking out some amazing people. Now, let’s first do away with the misconception that some of the terrorists were Syrian refugees; they weren’t.

One person who was a child of a Syrian refugee, though, was Steve Jobs. That’s right, Steve Jobs of Mac, iPhone and iPad fame. Steve Jobs who might not have been the most ethical entrepreneur, but one who has given the United States and the world priceless innovation.

This tweet about Steve Jobs went viral about a month ago and it should go viral again because it shows what can happen when we are compassionate instead of angry when we hold out arms instead of pitchforks. The tweet is simple, to the point and incredibly poignant.

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The truth about refugees is that they are perhaps the safest segment of society.  According to the Economist:

Of the almost 750,000 refugees who have been admitted to America since 9/11, only two Iraqis have been arrested on terrorist charges; they had not planned an attack in America, but aided al-Qaeda at home. Syrians in America have fared better than other groups of refugees, integrating quickly and finding work.

Imagine a world where compassion is the norm. It would be a world with no need for terrorism. It would be a world with no need for war. And who knows, we could get another Steve Jobs.

Featured image via Wikimedia.

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