This Right-Wing Columnist Thinks Donald Trump Is God’s Choice For President

Move over, Ben Carson. And Mike Huckabee, too. And Rick Santorum and John Kasich, who all claimed that God wanted them to be president of the United States. (Toss in Scott Walker and Rick Perry, too, who also said they had the Most Divine of Endorsements, but who both later dropped out the race for Republican Party nomination.)

You see, fellas, when the Almighty heads off to the heavenly polls, he’s picking Donald Trump. At least that’s what Tricia Erickson, an ultraconservative columnist for the ultraconservative World Net Daily, said in a December 14 column.

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More specifically, Erickson compared Trump to Nehemiah, a high officer in service to the King of Persia who gave up the high life to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, and because of Trump’s silly promise for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Donald Trump is likewise comfortable and affluent, yet has a zeal and desire to protect America by way of building a border wall.

Walls represent protection. If God instructed Nehemiah to erect a wall around Jerusalem, wouldn’t this same measure be the correct action to take to protect our own homeland? If it was biblical then, how is it not both biblical and the right measure to take now?

And that, Christian Americans, is the sign that The Almighty wants The Donald in The Oval Office.

If God ordained walls to be built for the protection of Jerusalem, how could this same strategy be wrong for America?

But what about Trump’s foul mouth? His divorces? His questionable businesses, like those un-Christian casinos? Or his marriage to a woman whose career is one step shy of soft-porn star? Well, not one of those sins should stain his campaign, Erickson said.

While I believe that Donald Trump is limping along on his ‘Christian walk,’ I remind even Christians that God has used believers and also non-believers to accomplish his will.

Trump, in this case, may be God’s Nehemiah.

Unfortunately, Erickson’s closing presumption could be correct. Recall the story of Nehemiah from the bible? After building the wall, he kicked all the non-Jewish residents out of Jerusalem, just like Trump promises to round-up 11 million Hispanics for deportation. Also mirroring Trump’s xenophobia, Nehemiah forced Jewish men to divorce their non-Jewish wives. And don’t forget that after Nehemiah’s rule, the city of Jerusalem fell into sinful ways.

So let’s hope God changes His mind once again before the primary elections.

Featured image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr (modified)

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