This Republican Says He’ll Vote For Clinton If Trump Is The Nominee

Since winning South Carolina and Nevada, Donald Trump is basically the Republican nominee. And with that comes a wave of endorsements, including Congressmen Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins, governors Jan Brewer, Chris Christie, Paul LePage, and even European leaders, like Jean Marie Le Pen.

So far, no prominent Republican politician has come out and said they will not vote for Donald Trump should he get the nomination and face Hillary Clinton in the general (Lindsey Graham may privately do it). However, there is one prominent Republican historian, commentator and columnist who says they will pick Clinton over Trump: neoconservative Robert Kagan.

Kagan, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and founder of the Project for the New American Century, recently penned a blistering anti-Trump column in which he calls the frontrunner the “party’s creation, its Frankenstein monster,” a creation made from “the party’s wild obstructionism,” and its “accommodation to and exploitation of the bigotry in its ranks…Obama hatred, a racially tinged derangement syndrome that made any charge plausible and any opposition justified.”

Basically, he’s calling Donald Trump the baby of the right’s racism and anger. Surprisingly, Kagan lashes out at Republicans for painting President Obama as anti-American, and the racist non-American, writing:

We are supposed to believe that Trump’s legion of “angry” people are angry about wage stagnation. No, they are angry about all the things Republicans have told them to be angry about these past 7½ years, and it has been Trump’s good fortune to be the guy to sweep them up and become their standard-bearer. He is the Napoleon who has harvested the fruit of the revolution. There has been much second-guessing lately. Why didn’t party leaders stand up and try to stop Trump earlier, while there was still time? But how could they have? Trump was feeding off forces in the party they had helped nurture and that they hoped to ride into power.

At the end of his scathing column, Kagan does the unthinkable. He tells his readers the only thing left to do is vote for Hillary Clinton, who he says is the only one that can save the country:

So what to do now? The Republicans’ creation will soon be let loose on the land, leaving to others the job the party failed to carry out. For this former Republican, and perhaps for others, the only choice will be to vote for Hillary Clinton. The party cannot be saved, but the country still can be.

If a neoconservative is scared of Trump, we should all be scared of Trump. It should be noted that Kagan’s wife, Victoria Nuland, works in the State Department and was the assistant Secretary of State for European Eurasian Affairs, a position she has held since 2011 when Hillary Clinton was Secretary. Perhaps Nuland talked some sense into her husband, or maybe Republicans are just that crazy.

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