This Picture Perfectly Sums Up The GOP, Trump Scampaign And The Fat Cats On The Right

On Tuesday, Rudy Giuliani appeared on behalf of Donald Trump in Cleveland, Ohio. He spoke at the police union hall to the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, accepting that group’s endorsement of Giuliani’s master boss candidate.

Giuliani took the opportunity to spin the story that broke on Sunday about Trump’s taxes. As he had on the Sunday shows, Rudy tried to sell the idea that Trump is a frigging genius for losing almost a billion dollars in one year.

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“How many people could come back from the loss of a billion dollars? You know who does? Great people. All great men and women had great failures.”

He name-checked Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill, St. Ronnie Reagan and, oddly, Franklin Roosevelt, whose only failure was catching polio. All these men failed big, Giuliani asserted, but they fought back.

“And when they succeed, they succeed big.”

Rudy went on to praise Trump as an “enormously good man” who has always supported law enforcement. Then Giuliani went on to attack Hillary Clinton for things she never did or said. The usual. He called the BLM protests in Ferguson “phony.” He said that Clinton was the “most anti-police candidate in the history of the United States” and told the CPPA:

“She doesn’t like you, she doesn’t agree with you, she comes out against you, and if you vote for her, you’re out of your mind.”

CPPA President Steve Loomis ended the event by saying that the union’s endorsement of Trump didn’t mean that the union is racist or sexist. He went on to say that anyone who disagrees ought to “re-think what being an American is all about.” Because dissenting opinions are only allowed when they align with Trump’s positions.

After the union event, Rudy Giuliani went to lunch with a pal of his, Ohio-born Roger Ailes. The two were photographed leaving the restaurant by WCPN’s Annie Wu. The news editor from Cleveland public radio snapped a photo that sums up the Trump campaign, the GOP and, indeed, the ensconced male hegemony with which we are dealing.

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs Tweeted:

“Fat old right wing white demagogues smoking big cigars in a limo. A picture of the Republican Party.”

Indeed. This picture really does say a thousand words and none of them are flattering to the Republican party.

Featured image by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

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