This Perfect Clinton Tweet Throwing Shade Just Became The Most Tweeted In Campaign History

Just minutes after the first black president in American history officially endorsed the first woman presidential nominee, the first reality show nominee tried to lash out with a characteristically whiny tweet. It’s safe to say it backfired spectacularly on him.

Directing his ire towards both President Obama and Hillary Clinton, Trump dismissed Clinton’s campaign as nothing more than “four more years of Obama.”

Seconds later, Clinton’s account fired back a simple but effective counterpunch.

For whatever reason, those three simple words seemed to strike a chord with tens of thousands of people. Within five minutes, it had five thousands retweets. Within 20 minutes it had 30,000. (As I write this, it’s at 50,000.)

Perhaps it’s simple fatigue. Trump has run his campaign almost entirely from his Twitter account. Rather than provide substance or class, he repeatedly uses social media to send sneering, immature messages to people he doesn’t like. When he’s not throwing tantrums, he’s retweeting white supremacists or neo-Nazis. Even his campaign staff has lamented the fact that their candidate for President of the United States will stay up late at night sending hateful tweets to his growing list of enemies (which he calls “haters”) instead of doing work for the campaign. And then there was the taco bowl incident.

And on top of Trump’s pathetic smears, his tweets rarely rise above lies. Take the above example: “Nobody” wants more of Obama? That’s pretty surprising considering his poll numbers have been steadily rising and he currently sits with a higher approval rating than Reagan did at this point in his presidency. A lot of people like Obama and his popularity is only growing. His endorsement of Clinton his huge news, because he’s widely considered the number one weapon in her campaign arsenal.

So in this case, retweets = endorsements. Tens of thousands of people are telling Trump, “Please, delete your account.”

Update: It’s still going – and absolutely demolishing Trump’s original tweet. How’s that for karma?

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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