This Paramedic Who Makes $15/Hr DESTROYS The ‘$15 Is Too High’ Minimum Wage Whiners

Jens Rushing, a paramedic from Arlington, Texas, has a message for those people upset that fast food workers in New York will be making $15 an hour, and they aren’t going to like it. As it turns out, Jens, whose job requires extensive knowledge and training and consists of saving people’s lives, makes $15 an hour as well.

His thoughts on the subject are quite a bit different from the haters in your news feed who believe the new law will only give teenagers more money to buy weed. Here’s his post, verbatim, as it was uploaded to Imgur while making it’s rounds on social media:

Jens can add “smart person who understands the needs of an evolving society” to his impressive skill set.

He’s absolutely correct about the puppet masters at the top pulling the strings on our necks to keep us eternally looking down.

The CEO of Dunkin Donuts, who makes almost $4900 an hour, recently said that the $15 minimum wage is “outrageous.”

While the CEO’s and the Republicans they own continue the cycle of aiming all of the aggression Americans feel about low wages and income inequality at people who need to at least double their income just to survive, they pad their own bank accounts with the unprecedented profits they reap from price increases that aren’t due to labor or cost increases but for greed and greed alone.

This issue is a favorite for conservatives and their base. They love to talk about all those teenagers who work every minimum wage job in America. They enjoy calling working class Moms who get stuck working 35 1/2 hours (to keep them from getting benefits) at minimum wage jobs “losers” who “can’t get ahead in life because they’re lazy.” “Just get another job,” they say.

The GOP has done a great job of molding Americans into the haters their corporate masters have demanded.


H/T: Addicting Info | Featured image via Imgur


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