This One HUUGE Loophole Could Cost Trump The Nomination

The 2016 Insane Clown Posse has winnowed down to two massively different but equally enormous a-holes: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Donald Trump is like a d*ck pic; nobody ever asked for him, yet you don’t know how to make him go away. But that may all change next Tuesday when it comes time for Pennsylvania to vote.

The NY Times recently reported about Pennsylvania using something called a nonbinding “loophole” primary, and this is the thing that could cost Trump the nomination. If Pennsylvania were to have the same rules as most states, then the b*tchy orange mean girl would most likely be the favorite to amass the 1,237 delegates needed to get to the Republican Convention in August.

But it looks like Trump’s fate is now in the hands of 54 unpledged delegates. Now that’s classy and luxurious.

From the NY Times:

No other state leaves so many of its delegates unbound–allowed to vote for whomever they please at the convention. That’s because it conducts its loophole primary in two parts. First is the “beauty contest,” which is a presidential primary preference vote. The winner of the beauty contest gets all of Pennsylvania’s 17 at-large and bonus delegates. But the remaining 54–the three delegates awarded to each congressional district–are unbound and elected in th delegate selection primary. In this part, voters directly elect delegates to the national convention.

What makes Pennsylvania’s GOP delegate selection primary so distinctive is that the ballot includes no guidance on whom a delegate will support at the national convention (the prospective Democratic delegates commit to a candidate). A voter will just see a list of names-some of whom might be recognizable, but others might as well be Joe Schmo.

Joe Schmo? Finally a respectable and viable GOP candidate.

Surely that was a lot to swallow, and I’m not quite sure I fully understand the convoluted nature of the Pennsylvania primary. However, if it means costing Trump the nomination then I’m all for it.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore/ Flickr 

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