This One Awesome Chart Shows What A Sh*tstorm Of Stupid The Entire GOP Primary Has Been (IMAGE)

If you’ve been following the Republican primary season, you know what a clusterf*ck of idiocy it is. What seems like dozens of candidates that translated down to about 12 have spent the better part of the last six months tearing each other to pieces over the most mundane of issues.

At the center of all controversy, of course, is Donald Trump. Trump’s attacks on fellow candidates have fueled the flames of discord the Republican party had to be hoping to avoid this time around. in typical GOP fashion, however, the candidates agree on nothing other than their hatred for one another.

Keeping track of who slammed who and why was nearly impossible until Igor Bobic from the Huffington Post came up with this handy and hilarious chart, documenting where the stupidity came from, who it was intended for and how they responded:

There could, naturally, be an arrow leading from every one of the candidates to a Hillary Clinton blurb, as the answer to just about every question in a GOP debate is “I will do it better than Hillary Clinton,” or, “Hillary Clinton won’t do what I will.” That’s because each one of the GOP bumbling buffoons knows they are fighting a losing battle right out of the gate.

Senator Bernie Sanders isn’t mentioned much by Republicans, other than to call him a socialist (as if that’s a bad word), but polls indicate they’d have no chance against him either. Mitt “Robot” Romney is probably the only candidate who would have been able to squash Trump early, but unfortunately, he’s way too tired of losing to bother.

All in all, as infuriating as the political platforms of all of these fools is, the comedic value of their forums, debates and stump speeches is almost worth having to listen to the doom and gloom rhetoric and that desire to go back to the glory days of 2008, when the economy was in the toilet, the housing market imploded and gas was 4 bucks a gallon.

Thanks but no thanks. You idiots have fun yelling at each other while the Democrats firm up support for whichever candidate wins the Democratic nomination.

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