This Message From Across The Pond Should Scare The Crap Out Of Every Single American (VIDEO)

The Guardian has been doing news since 1821. They do it well. They’ve been covering America since shortly after our two countries signed their last cease-fire. They’ve seen our nation and the world evolve into a single-superpower world that, whether anyone likes it or not, will be the deciding factor in almost all global conflicts for the foreseeable future. If you’re an American, you take pride that your country is willing to send people into harm’s way to extend the hand of liberty to the rest of the world. If you’re not an American you’re glad the Americans have decided they’d handle it, because the world is and always will be a nasty mess full of human beings.

This editorial speaks of what people are saying in their typical lives. This isn’t banter at a radio station where someone calls in and jokes about Donald Trump — this is every corner of the globe; everyone with access to any kind of real information. The world is talking about Trump’s unpredictable finger on the big red button with genuine concern.

America is a great nation with the potential to lead and inspire, as we have for the past seven years. The world knows it, and the world responds in kind. That’s why things like Iran Nuclear Accords are not only signed but complied with far ahead of schedule. It’s why President Obama had to have his daughter translate for him while they took America’s first state trip to Cuba in half a century. The world respects us and they respect the office, which is bigger than any one man. Donald Trump would make it about one man, which would destroy its integrity, possibly forever.

Watch the stern warning from our friends overseas. It’s no joke; they’re worried:

Featured image via video screen capture

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