THIS Is What Happens When ‘Fiscally Responsible’ GOP Runs A State Budget: KS $279M In The Hole (VIDEO)

‘Low taxes’ and ‘spare the wealthy’ experiments by Brownback hurt Americans, again.

The GOP loudly and proudly flies the banner that fiscally speaking, they are the best party for a job. Evidence, however, continues to disprove this claim.

Take the state of Kansas for example, where Governor Brownback, who ran on the usual GOP fiscal responsibility platform (low taxes, trickle-down) has run his state into the ground financially and the only way to recover would be to cut from programs that are near and dear to all Republican’s hearts — Medicaid, schools and social programs.

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The Sunflower state is facing a $279 million shortfall by July and an abysmal $436 million hole by later this year.

Aides to the Republican governor said that Gov. Sam Brownback will try to find savings elsewhere so social programs and schools will be spared. It’s hard not to laugh, knowing the state will cut from education and state-run social programs first.

However in his State of the State address, Brownback blamed the school funding system, medicaid and social programs for draining state resources.

Where did the Kansas governor go wrong?

In 2012 and 2013, Brownback made drastic cuts to sales and income taxes to “stimulate the economy” — a common tactic used by GOP leaders — Brownback saved the wealthier Kansans 26 percent off their income taxes and exempt 191,000 businesses from paying any income taxes at all. This cut has hurt the state in the long run with very little to show for it.

But that won’t stop Brownback from bragging on his website:

So while the budget is only, at most in a 7 percent deficit, or half a billion in the red, Brownback gets to boast about saving his state $4 billion in what would have been state revenue. Now, the poor and school age kids will bear the brunt of that misstep. Job growth in his state are also still well below the national average.

One Kansas state resident, who wished to remain anonymous, told If You Only News:

He has consistently said the opposite of what has been happening.

In the 2014 election, Democratic challenger Paul Davis argued that the irresponsible cuts were wrecking the state’s finances, and hey, turns out he was right. And that’s the uphill climb democrats face in heavy red state elections, because while voters love the sound of tax cuts they are less attuned to believe tax cuts hurt them in the long run and that’s the ugly truth democrats have to bring to voters.

The Wall Street Journal reported Gov. Brownback saying:

The left in the country desperately wants this to fail. They want to say, ‘You can’t cut taxes and grow your way out of things.’

Regardless of who, if anyone, “wanted” his policies to fail, the fact is, they did fail.

This isn’t about posterity, this is about the impact dangerous politics — and Republican policies — have on the average citizen. In actuality, people care very little about the party of a politician as long as they are fair to the residents in their state.

For now, Brownback is staying the course and plans to eliminate income tax altogether, which will pull billions from the state coffers.

But don’t worry, God is guiding him.

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