This Is Unheard Of: A Major City Has Trump Polling At ZERO PERCENT (In A State He Must Win)

In a development that has election historians scrambling to find to dusty books to find a similar case, Donald Trump has managed to underperform even his worst expectations in Detroit. The latest poll conducted there finds that he’s getting an unprecedented zero percent support. Put another way: Pollsters couldn’t find a single person who admitted to planning to vote for Trump in the upcoming election.

Trump, of course, has always polled poorly with African Americans, occasionally dropping to below the margin of error, but never has he reached zero for an entire, diverse city.

Poll data shows Clinton holds a significant advantage over Trump among African-American voters, and among Detroit voters. Trump leads Clinton in Macomb County and in northern Michigan, including the UP.

Trump’s 0 percent support in Detroit isn’t unprecedented. The Republican candidate polled 0 percent among African-American voters in Pennsylvania and Ohio over the summer, according to an NBC poll.

How bad is that for Trump? Considering Michigan is a state that by most analyses is a MUST win if he hopes to seal the election, the fact that Detroit is almost universally not voting for him is devastating.

It also serves to show just how disastrous Trump’s much-publicized trip to Flint really was. In the one week of the election that Donald Trump bothered pretending to care about black people, he swung through Michigan to conduct a few photo ops. Instead of winning over the black vote, he got publicly dressed down by a Flint pastor who had to interrupt a grandstanding stump speech to remind him that he had promised to focus on talking about Flint’s water crisis – not bashing Hillary Clinton. The moment was blasted to millions of homes and served as a visual reminder that Trump is an opportunistic con artist.

On top of that, Trump’s recent visit to Detroit made things worse:

“He came into Detroit and he gave a big speech at the Detroit Economic Club, which is a lot of your establishment Republicans and frankly a lot of people who have helped the resurgence of Detroit and make all their money and businesses on Detroit’s comeback. And he just came in and talked about how Detroit’s in awful shape and it’s Hillary’s fault,” the top aide said. “And while that probably worked on the national level, for the people who live and breathe Detroit every day, that didn’t go over well.”

Trump’s awful poll numbers in Detroit may explain why his campaign hastily rushed back to Michigan this week. Trump’s ego won’t allow him to admit it, but this looks an awful lot like damage control.

Featured image via Scott Olson/Getty Images

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