‘This Is Ridiculous!’: RNC Chief Throws EPIC Tantrum After FBI Declines To Indict Hillary (VIDEO)

Tuesday during an interview on CNN, Republican National Committee (RNC) chief strategist Sean Spicer was just beside himself in faux outrage in reaction to news that the FBI decided not to indict Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

In trying to pull some form of “victory” from the humiliating news, Spicer insisted that the FBI issued a “clear indictment” of Clinton’s judgment.

These findings of the FBI are a clear indictment on Hillary Clinton’s judgement and fitness to be president,” Spicer argued. “The office that she’s seeking requires the highest level of judgement, making sure that our nation’s secrets are protected.

However, host Kate Bolduan just wouldn’t let the strategist spin the GOP narrative without being challenged. She pointed out that FBI Director James Comey stated that “no reasonable prosecutor” would consider bringing charges against Clinton. But Spicer wasn’t hearing it.

This is someone who wants to be president, Kate!” Spicer exclaimed.

“Thank you, I know,” the CNN host snapped back. “Do you trust that the FBI conducted a fair investigation?”

“Well, it sounds like it,” Spicer admitted. “The findings that they made are very clear that she did exhibit poor judgement, that it was reckless by their account. And it is not their job to decide whether it is formally prosecuted.

CNN’s John Berman noted that Trump had described Comey’s decision as “very very unfair.” At which point Spicer made the first and only honest admission concerning his ignorance of the law.

I’m not a lawyer,” Spicer said. “If she had followed the law and used a State Department account or even used a private system like the director pointed out like Gmail then this wouldn’t be a problem. She chose to set up a system for herself around the rules that were established for everybody else for a reason. And that reason is she didn’t want people to know what she was doing.

Spicer then proceeded to make an erroneous assumption based on his years of non-experience as an attorney.

Any other employee that works at the State Department that did what she did would have their security clearance pulled and would be facing charges,” he added. “This is absolutely ridiculous

Well, he’s right about something being “absolutely ridiculous,” just not what he thinks. Bolduan continued to prompt the perturbed strategist for more absurd pronouncements and was richly rewarded.

Donald Trump in his tweet called this ‘very very unfair,’” Bolduan pressed. “Do you think the investigation was unfair or do you agree with your candidate who thinks it was ‘very very unfair

Carefully parsing the question, Spicer conceded that the investigation was fair, but he gave Trump credit for being right about the FBI’s wrong conclusion. He then went on to whine about the legal system.

The system clearly looks like when the FBI turned it over, the Department of Justice has already seemed to make it very clear what they’re going to do with this,” he lamented

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It’s funny how when the legal system fails to deliver a verdict the GOP finds favorable to their agenda, that there’s suddenly a need for closer examination and reform. Meanwhile, the same umbrage was curiously absent from the GOP’s reaction to the non-indictment of Eric Garner and Tamir Rice‘s uniformed killers. Weird huh?

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