This Is How Much Of The Poor The ‘Working Poor’ Make Up, And It’s Shameful (IMAGE/VIDEO)

Penalizing the poor for being poor makes about as much sense as making it illegal to kill yourself. Either way you’re doomed, or the powers that be will make you feel even worse than before. They’ll make you feel so bad, you’ll wish you had killed yourself.

But, as old Frank Sinatra used to sing, that’s life! Several states are currently working to discriminate against the poor by dictating what they can and cannot purchase with their SNAP benefits. States that should be ashamed of themselves for such motions include Maine, Missouri, Wisconsin, Maryland and Kansas, with its $25 a pop cash withdrawals.

However, contrary to the beliefs held by such states that the poor relying on benefits are lazy, entitled leeches, federal data recently analyzed by the Economic Policy Institute can attest to the fact that the greatest percentage of the poor out there relying on “food stamps” are actually the working poor, including full-time workers who – surprise, surprise – just don’t make enough at their hourly wage to cut it, despite the 40 hours a week they put in.

Ya hear? They work 40+ hours a week and still can’t make a living.

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According to The Washington Post:

Among the poor, ages 18 to 64, about 35.2 don’t work because they are retired, disabled or in school. An additional 64.8 percent are eligible and available to work. Among these, 62.6 percent hold jobs and 44.3 percent work full-time.

working poor

(Image courtesy of the Economic Policy Institute via The Washington Post)

44.3 percent of workers 18 to 64 available and able to work actually do work full-time and STILL need the help of the SNAP program, but those folks should not be entitled after a hard week’s work to eat a modest cut of steak? While workers are constantly robbed of wages and benefits? While jobs are continually outsourced and unions are ever-busted? You want to rob from workers’ mouths by stealing their wages and nixing their benefits, and then dictate what they can purchase with the assistance they need because you’re too busy robbing them blind? Hell no.

Forget that, though. In the eyes of the “job creators” the poor are simply “lazy, entitled” suckfish on the belly of capitalism. Hmmm… Sounds a bit like Fox reporter Charlie Gasparino’s thoughts on Millennials. They must think we’re “f*cking morons.”

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But here’s the thing. It’s no one’s business if you want to blow your assistance money on a few high end items, or stretch it out to the penny and the day with six cases of frozen burritos. It’s up to you. The assistance you get is what is deemed appropriate for your financial circumstance. You get no more. How you use it from there is up to you, everyone else be damned. If, after buying the proverbial steaks and lobster, you end up short of funds midway through the month, that is your fault and your problem. Hopefully you will learn to better manage your assistance in the future. But still, you get no more — not until the following month.

So the American people are not slighted anything by anyone on assistance choosing to use their money for, say, steak one night out of the month. Hell, why not two, even? Get generous why don’t you – you with the tight fists and judgment. You who apparently knows better simply because you have money in your pockets. Did you know that even our jails contain geniuses, and that the dimmest, rottenest bulbs can still walk freely?

Life is complex, and sure, it can get pretty hard to understand sometimes, but people receiving SNAP benefits eating steak and lobster affect you ZERO. Understand?

And if you are one of many who does make ends meet with SNAP benefits, you get what you damn want and do it without shame. Do it knowing your rightful earnings have been stolen from you. And if you’re not going to eat steak, let it be for environmental or health reasons, or whatever, but let it be by your choice, not the government’s.

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