This Immigrant’s Powerful Letter To Obama Is Why The GOP Is Wrong On Immigration (IMAGE)

Lets just be honest here. Republicans hate immigrants. They will go on and on about how that isn’t so but we all know this is BS. They constantly scare the white folks about the not-white folks coming here to take their money, get free phones, entitlements to healthcare, food, housing, and I think they are now including any unmarried daughters in the list as well. The 2016 election is all about building a huge wall around our nation to keep out all the undesirable people.

To sum it up, Republicans say that immigrants are coming to steal White America from the Whites. They are coming to take your country away! RUN!

These ideas are standard fare for literally every Republican since the racists switched parties and joined up under their flag, and has been polluting American politics for decades since.

In 2012, an immigrant wanted to set the record straight about himself and others like him. He wrote a letter to President Obama, who was so moved by the content that he had his office post it up on the White House Instagram account.

Read this simply amazing letter below, and SHARE this with every Republican you know to show them how ashamed they should feel about themselves.

Dear President Obama,

My name is Chana Sangkaglo. I came to the United States of American from Northeastern Thailand in November of 1988. I remember it being Thanksgiving.
The reason I came to America is because it is a land of opportunity. The United States is known as a country where one can begin with nothing and build it into whatever he wishes and can afford. One’s destiny is not pre-determined in the United States – you have the right to become whatever and whoever you wish. You work hard for opportunities for a better life. Hard work and determination can get you much farther in this country than anywhere else in the world – as long as you are working hard enough to do so. I began my work here at Burger King in Rhode Island. Through the years and with education I was able to develop my creativity and open my very own hair salon. I am a successful small business owner in this great country. I am a United States citizen. I have much to be thankful for.

The reason that the United States needs a constant flow of immigrants is because we are the people that have the dream – the desire – the fire inside to do something to better our financial situation. We do not feel enitled to a job or education. We believe in personal responsibility and accountability.

We need new producers in the United States. It’s about new blood – new life – new givers – not takers. If you look back through history you will see how new blood has produced and grown our economy.

Immigrants have one thing in common – we work like crazy. We save our money. We open stores and many other businesses. We do not sit around and complain about this – that and the other thing. We do not feel entitled. We are not takers but producers. We need producers and immigrants like myself that provide production. The reasons that so many immigrants came to America are the same reasons that each and every one of us should feel grateful for – freedom – freedom of religion – to escape poverty and oppression – a better future for our families. In short – opportunity.

So Mr Obama – I believe that you are a real person with real beliefs. You have patched many of the holes left by your predecessor and you continue to do so. I applaud your re-election. I believe in you and am excited to see what you can accomplish over the next four years.

God Bless you Mr President.

Respectfully – Chana Sangkagalo

Featured Image via Wikicommons

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