This Image From Trump’s Rally Is Going Viral For Perfectly Summing Up What A Narcissist Trump Is

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes, when you add just a couple of words to a picture, it can tell you everything you need to know. Such is the case with this picture of Donald Trump that is going viral because it so perfectly sums up what a narcissist the Republican nominee really is.

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Speaking about himself in the third person, Trump said, “Isn’t it good to have Trump running?”

Well, gee. That just kind of says it all, doesn’t it? Donald Trump is nothing more than a self-absorbed hatemonger who clearly suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. He doesn’t give a damn about making anything great again, most certainly not America. He just wants to be the most important guy around, so he is running for president.

For the record? No. It is not good to have Trump running. Not good at all, thank you very much. Actually, it is kind of like being stuck in a horrifyingly racist nightmare that you just can’t wake up from.

Featured image via Twitter 

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