This (Hilariously Accurate) Trump Question On A High School Final Exam Got A Teacher Suspended

As Palm Beach Lakes High’s school year drew to a close, one teacher thought he would impart one final lesson on his students. On their final exam, Malik Leigh added a humorous extra question that was impossible to get wrong, but also might make his students reflect a bit.

If Donald Trump becomes president of the United States, we are:

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A. Screwed
B. Screwed
C. Screwed
D. Screwed behind a really YUGE wall that Mexico pays for.

The answer, of course, is any or all of the above.

It’s easy to see why the question was controversial. While it’s not uncommon for teachers to throw a few fun freebies into exams to take the stress off, Leigh’s question was particularly topical. But if we strip it down, is it really so hard to wrap our minds around? In between giggles, it does serve as a pretty sobering reminder that, holy shit, this is actually happening. Donald Trump, who just last year was hosting a celebrity reality show, is the Republican nominee for President of the United States. The guy who claimed he would build a 50-foot wall across thousands of miles along the southern border is one election away from sitting in the Oval Office.

Unfortunately, Leigh’s exam didn’t make it past the “approval” phase. School officials yanked him from the classroom and gave him a suspension saying his Trump question along with several other humorous ones were “inaccurate content, irrelevant material, unprofessional use of language, inappropriate use of language.” He’s currently banned from even setting foot on the school’s campus.

Leigh insists he was just having a little fun with the kids on the last week of school. However, it’s possible there was a little bit of an edge to the jokes. Leigh and several other teachers are in the midst of being laid off by the school. This was to be his last hoorah. He chose to use the opportunity to speak out against Trump.

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