This Graffiti In The Likeness Of Trump Had People Slamming On Their Brakes In Atlanta (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is out of control. His most recent comments about banning Muslims in the United States have received backlash from not only those who do not support him politically, but also from around the world. However, one bold statement about the Republican frontrunner was made in Atlanta, Georgia.

Image via video screen capture

Image via video screen capture

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Wednesday morning the graffiti was discovered by Police Officer Tomas Coxe while he was on patrol. Located on a concrete supports, two large swastikas with Donald Trump’s head in the center were causing a backup on the highway.

The artist paid close attention to detail giving The Donald a Hitler mustache and a bow tie made of money.

Officer Coxe said of the artwork:

I worry about someone getting hit. It’s extremely dangerous due to the fact that everyone’s slamming their brakes on, and it’s dangerous for us being out here and the public driving through here.

It’s reported that both pieces of graffiti have been removed.

If caught, the artist(s) may face misdemeanor charges for criminal trespassing. Atlanta Police also notified Homeland Security.

Watch the news report via NBC11 here:

Featured image via video screen capture

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