This Republican Political Parody Ad Will Have You Swooning From All The Freedoms (VIDEO)

It appears that 7 years ago the right wing was as transparent as they are now. This satirical political ad from 2007 accurately predicts the outcome of voting Republican. The reasons to vote Republican are presented more truthfully here than any GOP political figure would ever be about their plans for America. The party of “small government” is more accurately described as “Big Capitalism,” driving us towards a government by corporations, for corporations. In this damn near prophetic video, we see more disgusting real truth than in a Joni Ernst campaign ad.

Make sure that you share this clip, it is a great reminder that we have no one to blame but ourselves if we do not get off our lazy a$$es and vote. There are more social Liberals in the USA than conservatives – it is quite simple, if we vote – we win. If we don’t vote, we win this booby prize:


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