This Explains Everything: Bialystock & Bloom Responsible For Trump’s Presidential Bid

Have you ever asked yourself, during these long, weird months of Donald Trump’s campaign, if this was some kind of joke? Did you ever find yourself thinking of “The Producers” and wondering if the Trump candidacy was just like that? In my household, every time Trump said or did something phenomenally stupid, we would immediately think of that musical and sing, “Where Did We Go Right?”

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who did so. Jimmy Kimmel and his writers did, too. But, as they have the big money and access, only they could go through with something like this video. In it, Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick reprise their roles as Bialystock and Bloom from the hit musical, “The Producers.” The result is “#Trumped,” a new musical.

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In “#Trumped,” the shady duo think of a way to earn lots of money by choosing a candidate who is so wrong, so insane that he has no hope of winning. Bloom lays it out:

First we find a bad candidate. Then we raise money like crazy. Then we promise all the donors an ambassadorship… to Italy or Sweden or Armenia. Then, when the public figures out what a nutcase our guy is, he drops out of the race…

“And we keep all the dough!” Bialystock finishes. But the candidate, he says, must be “the worst candidate in history,” a “grade A nincompoop.” He wonders where they will ever find “a buffoon like that.” Just then, the TV shows an interview with Donald Trump and the boys have their “schmuck.”

But, as we all know, things don’t go as planned. Trump doesn’t alienate voters. He doesn’t drop out. In fact, he appears to be winning the Republican nomination. Poor Bialystock and Bloom. What will they do?

Here’s the whole video from Jimmy Kimmel Live. Don’t drink while watching lest you ruin your computer screen. Enjoy!

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