This Challenge May Be The Best Thing To Come Of Y’all Queda’s Brats Whining For Snacks

Lady Grey, a quickly growing and much beloved liberal haven of logic and class on Facebook, has responded to the moronic Bundy boy’s make-believe “militia” and their cry for “snacks” in possibly the best way ever. The lady has accepted the following challenge, and is now passing that on to you.

You probably know that the Bundy gang, holed up in their occupation of a wildlife sanctuary, put out a plea for their supporters to send them snacks. Facebook and Twitter exploded in mockery, and there was a plethora of memes on the subject, many of which had me laughing hysterically. And yes, I contributed my share. 😉

One person in a group I am part of pointed out that mockery is great fun (it helped my anger dissipate), but not very productive. He issued a challenge which I gladly accept. I will be donating $5 a day to my local food bank for every day that this outrage continues.

Will you join me in that challenge, making a donation to or volunteering at the food bank or soup kitchen or homeless shelter of your choice? If everyone who has liked even one of the memes that have been circulating gave just $1 to their local charity, what a difference it could make!

From the Facebook page:

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While these wannabe militiamen, dubbed Y’all Queda, do their best “Vanilla Isis,” many people are actually dying due to real hunger and the elements every day. Homelessness in the winter months, especially in northern states like Oregon, is not a game. Unlike the games these millionaires, and welfare cases, with homes to go back to and hotel rooms in town are playing, hunger is a very real problem for many. These criminals who mock our Constitution, are also playing “Russian Roulette” with the lives of children, yet have no problem asking others for supplies they don’t even need.

Even a 9-year-old knows that feeding the hungry is something that simply must be done, as Dusty Liu and his family have worked hard to set up a program, on their own, feeding the hungry in Portland, Oregon. They also provide tents, tarps, and warm clothing when their donations allow it. This message was taken from their Facebook page (click see more for full text):

What this young child and his family have done is heroic. Holing up in an unattended Federal bird sanctuary to attempt to martyr oneself, and one’s children, while asking the country to send you stuff that you can easily afford on your own is not.

This challenge may just be exactly what is needed to take at least one good thing from this heinous act of cowardice and malice. Every single dollar that is sent to good charities can save lives, not just from starvation, but from the overwhelming depression and pain that is an everyday reality for many who live without what most of us take for granted every day.

Feature image via Facebook

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