This Brilliant Video Will Debunk The Most Moronic Of Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories (VIDEO)

Are you afraid that President Obama is dropping chemicals from airplanes to reduce the population and cover up Benghazi? Scared that the Illuminati are using a secret weather control device in Alaska to create un-natural disasters so Christians can be herded into FEMA extermination camps? Are you pondering the possibility that scary, shape-shifting lizards are killing important people, replacing them, and secretly controlling the world? Is the possibility of the Antichrist bringing Armageddon for the 90th time this decade haunting you?

Well, stop. Just…stop.

It’s both easy and highly entertaining to poke fun at insane conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and the entirety of the Tea Party for their irrational speculations about liberals — or the world, in general. However, it is important to remember that some people actually believe this stuff.

For instance, in June, a rabid mob of incredibly stupid Arizonans demanded — and received — a hearing on the effects of “chemtrails” on the civilian population. At a hearing that wasted taxpayer dollars to treat such delusions as though they are real, one resident eloquently stated that Americans are:

…being sprayed like we’re bugs and it’s really not okay.

The citizens of the Grand Canyon State can easily benefit from this helpful video that will tell them if their chosen imbecilic ideas are real or not:


The “Ultimate Conspiracy Debunker” is a useful tool that wipes out most fake conspiracy theories by asking but one solitary question: “Does it affect rich people?”

If the answer is “yes,” it is very likely that the theory is false. For instance, the video points to a claim that a cure for cancer has been discovered, and is being suppressed. Since rich people die of cancer, this claim is probably false.

It’s that simple!

The next time that insane coworker who you just can’t bring yourself to un-friend on Facebook shares a claim that President Obama is killing Christians and converting them into food to feed his army of rampaging lizardmen from the planet Zebulon XR31 — show them this video, and remind them that some rich people are Christians, too.

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