This Brilliant Meme Captures The True Nature Of The Trump-Christie ‘Bromance’ (IMAGE)

It was the political moment that caused everyone to stop and go “Huh? REALLY??” I’m talking about Chris Christie endorsing Donald Trump, of course. After months of telling everyone that Trump was unprepared, unfit, unqualified to be president, last week Christie stood in front of a microphone and declared that Trump was the most qualified Republican among those remaining in the GOP field. Talk about damning with faint praise.

Then came chapter two of the Christie/Trump love affair — Super Tuesday. After Christie made what sounded like an unenthusiastic announcement about Trump’s big wins in several states, the internet lit up when video of Christie’s facial expressions during Trump’s speech went viral.

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It looked for all the world like Christie was channeling Alec Guinness’s  character, Colonel Nicholson, from “Bridge On the River Kwai.” In that movie, Nicholson realizes that by having his men build a bridge for the Japanese during World War II, he had basically committed treason. You could almost hear Christie repeating Guinness’s line in his head: “What have I done?”

Someone found another World War II connection of sorts in the Christie/Trump relationship, and created a hilarious meme that says it all without saying a word. “Hogan’s Heroes” was a popular tv show in the 1960s that followed the fictional exploits of a group of prisoners at Stalag 13, a German POW camp. The camp was run by a bumbling colonel named Klink, played by veteran German actor Werner Klemperer. His sidekick was the rotund Sergeant Schultz, played by John Banner.

Klink loved to brag about his record as commander of Stalag 13, in particular how there had never been an escape from the camp. But, in reality, he was all bluster and bravado, and really had no idea of what was going on. In fact, the POWs were running a commando operation right under his nose, and he was too stupid, or too blinded by his own arrogance, to notice it. Sound like anybody we know?

Schultz would sometimes stumble into some plot or other that the prisoners had going on, but always decided to ignore it, for fear of being scapegoated by Klink and shipped off to the “Russian front.” Schultz’s favorite line was “I know nothing. NOTHING!”

With that background in mind, here is the perfect description of the true relationship between Trump and Christie.  Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.12821540_10100420899990399_6572121486684051634_n

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