This Ballsy Democrat Nails A GOP Billionaire To The Wall For Trying To Buy An Election (VIDEO)

In the age of Citizens United, where a billionaire can single-handedly make a candidate competitive, one Bernie-backed Democrat has had enough of it.

Zephyr Teachout is running for New York’s 19th congressional district and she’s exactly the kind of person Republicans and their billionaire owners do not want in Congress. Her main focus is ending the corrupting influence of money in politics and overturning Citizens United. And until May, she was heavily favored to win. Especially after an endorsement from Bernie Sanders landed her a massive $530,000 windfall of small donations.

But then billionaire Paul Singer, one of the GOP’s favorite sugar daddies, bought gave Teachout’s Republican opponent, John Faso, $500,000. Magically, the race became deeply competitive.

Teachout, already disgusted by the power of the rich to buy elections, decided to just skip over Faso and go right after the source: Singer himself. In a ballsy move, the law professor challenged Faso’s owner to a debate:

This is very serious,” Teachout says in the ad. “Paul Singer, I challenge you to come here and have a debate with me … I think the people of the 19th District deserve to hear your actual voice when you’re putting so much money into trying to buy up representation.

Here’s the ad from Teachout’s Facebook page:

She’s not wrong. If Paul Singer wants to handpick the representative of the 19th district, he should be willing to tell the people that live there what they can expect from his puppet. He won’t, of course, because the rich think accountability is for the little people but even his refusal works to Teachout’s advantage.

It’s extremely effective to put Singer at the center of the race because, again, Teachout’s campaign is about exactly what Singer is doing: Buying an election. I hope Teachout wins her race because we need more people like her and less rubber stamps for the rich like Fuso.

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