This Awesome Tool Will Tell You Exactly What Your Fate Would Be Under Trump

Voting for Trump may have some serious consequences, which range from exposing us all to the annoyance of even more of the mind-numbingly stupid Sarah Palin (or Ben Carson) to a possible nuclear war. But these consequences largely rest in Donald Trump’s feelings, about you, about himself, and on this issue.

If you have ever wondered what Trump thinks of YOU, in particular, you can now find out. And, as a bonus, this awesome quiz also outlines your probably future under a Trump “administration.”

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The fun, snarky quiz is only 8 simple questions:

The 8 questions asked are:

1. Where were you born?

2. What is your gender?

3. How much money do you make?

4. What is your ethnic background?

5. What religion are you?

6. What is your sexual orientation?

7. Do you support Donald Trump for president?

8. How large are your hands?

He has given us no shortage of examples of how he feels about all of the above, usually in juvenile, excitable and reactionary ways, so thanks to the good people at Purpose labs, you can now get a glimpse at how you measure up to the likes of David Duke (former Grand Wizard of the KKK), Melania Trump his prize alabaster imported wife, and even Malala Yousafzai.

I took the quiz, and found that I score higher on the Trump Scale than a Nobel Prize winning hero like Malala, probably because I am white and American. However, because I am a female, bisexual and non-Christian, I still score as “the worst person ever,” because that makes me pretty much worthless in Trump’s eyes I guess.

When I chose all the most anti-Trump qualities I could think of, the nightmare future-scape outlined by the quiz made me laugh:

  • One year in a room alone with Ben Carson: 95%
  • Roughed Up: 95%
  • Deported: 80%
  • Mandatory Stay, Trump Resort Guantanamo Bay: 80%

Take the quiz for yourself, here, and let us know how you turned out in the comments!

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There is also another extension that replaces “political correctness” with “treating people with respect.” Causing everything to be just a little more truthful when it comes to reading what the combed over blowhard has said, turning “Donald Trump: Political correctness is ‘big problem” into “Donald Trump: Treating people with respect is ‘big problem’ in U.S. ”

Featured image via Getty Images/Spencer Platt (altered)

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