This Anti-Hillary, Benghazi Meme Is So Pointless It Reaches A Whole New Level Stupid (IMAGE)

Nothing shows the GOP’s blind hatred and distaste for facts like their Benghazi memes. The Republican base often seems too stupid to be taught. They are certainly not interested in the truth about Trey Gowdy and the furious few that are too thick-skulled to understand the Secretary of State is NOT in charge of receiving, reviewing, nor granting routine requests for extra embassy security.

Exhibit A, from RenewAmerica, a Facebook page that doubles as a dense and disturbing jungle of Republican imbeciles, as shared by a Benghazi Regurgitator:

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Hillary Clinton

RenewAmerica’s meme, complete with Fail-troll false equivalency and GOP Lies. Screen capture from Facebook.

Recently, even a Fox News host spanked Rand Paul for, once again, spewing the “Hillary refused them security” lies. It was an easily debunked lie,  yet even after the implosion of the Benghazi Circus, er, Committee — the rage feeding, fear mongering, party of dissent-for-the-sake-of-dissent doesn’t give one single f*ck.

They are not looking for facts, they are looking for scintillation. They want their Benghazi-feels tickled by tendrils of confirmation bias based yes-ma’am-ery from their special hatred-added, anti-equality, obstructionist, seditionist, and simply venomous media and elected officials.

Truth has never been the purpose of these hearings. However, the rabid teabaggers that you run across daily on social media seem more than willing to swallow the hate-bate that the GOP is selling. If truth were what they sought then when almost Speaker, (but too dumb to realize that the Hillary hunt was actually a secret subtext of the hearings) Kevin McCarthy outed the committee as nothing more than a pretense to smear Secretary Clinton, they would have turned their rage on their own. They didn’t.

Not even when a member of the superfluous and highly partisan Select Committee on Benghazi straight up admitted that the entire purpose of the hearings has always been about slinging mud at Hillary Clinton were they able to accept the truth. Trey Gowdy, the pasty-faced golem in charge of the sham committee gets to remain a “hero” to them, despite the facts, because they don’t care about the truth.

They don’t want the truth, they don’t want justice, they want a Democrat’s head on a plate, especially Hillary’s. And they don’t care how many lies it takes to get it, either.

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