This 1964 Campaign Ad Is The Best Anti-Trump Commercial You’ll Ever See (VIDEO)

Donald Trump keeps adding to his delegate count with every new primary and caucus, and it’s starting to look like there’s no way the GOP leadership is going to be able to stop him from becoming the Republican nominee. While every Republican who runs for president frightens liberals in one way or another, you have to go back quite a few years to find one who was as universally terrifying as Trump.

In 1964, Republicans chose Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater to run against Lyndon Johnson. Lately, Goldwater has been held up as an example of a “sane” conservative, mainly because he objected to mixing religion and politics,  and he rejected many of the social issues that Republicans have used to try and win elections in recent years. But in 1964 Barry Goldwater was a very scary guy to many Americans. They made that clear at the ballot box that November, as Johnson won a huge majority of the popular vote, along with winning the electoral vote 486-52. Johnson carried all but six states — five in the deep south, and Goldwater’s home state. It was one of the biggest election landslides in American history.

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A pro-Johnson campaign ad produced in 1964 has been unearthed that speaks volumes about the situation in 2016. The ad, known as “Confessions Of a Republican,” features a man who says that he had voted for Dwight Eisenhower, then for Richard Nixon in 1960. But, he says he cannot vote for Goldwater, who he calls “a different kind of a man.” His reason? “This man scares me.”

The unidentified man calls out the notion of “party unity,” saying,

If you unite behind a man you don’t believe in, it’s a lie.

He continues with a statement that could have been made within the last few months:

When the head of the Ku Klux Klan, when all these weird groups come out in favor of the candidate of my party, either they’re not Republicans or I’m not.

The man says that he thought about not voting in the election. “But you can’t do that,” he says as he looks down. “because that’s saying that you don’t care who wins, and I do care.”

He finishes by saying that he thinks the GOP made a “bad mistake” by nominating Goldwater, and that he intends to “vote against that mistake.”

There’s no need to show this video to Trump supporters; if they were rational they wouldn’t be backing Trump. But all of your sane Republican friends and family members need to watch, and ponder what this voice from the past has to say to them.

Here’s the video:

Featured image via Quartz screen capture

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