This 103-Year-Old Woman Destroys The ‘Seniors Vote Republican’ Myth

Ruth Littman is 103 years old. When she was born, women didn’t even have the right to vote, but despite that — or perhaps because of that — she can’t be stopped from voting today. She’s also a feminist, which might make you think she’s a Hillary supporter, but she’s not right now (she will vote for her if she gets the nomination). She’s for Bernie and she really dislikes Donald Trump.

Littman, naturally, is pro-choice and a defender of Planned Parenthood. She sees how far we’ve come in women’s issues, but she also recognizes that the Republicans running could set us back decades.

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Littman, who grew up in the Bronx before the Great Depression and went on to advocate for the disabled at New York State Employment Services, doesn’t particularly act her age. She’s energetic, culturally engaged (hobbies: archeology, opera, concerts) and fast-talking. Despite her advanced years, she keeps a close eye on politics, with a particular interest in how women’s political roles have changed during her lifetime. “There was no feminist movement when I was young,” she says. “It started later, with Gloria Steinem and all the rest of them…. We were sleeping forever, because the men wrote the rules.”

When asked if she’d vote for Hillary Clinton, her response was, “why not? Think I’m gonna vote for Donald Trump?”

Littman is a better informed voter than most. She doesn’t trust Jeb Bush because he and his family “only are interested in one thing: oil.”

On Ted Cruz: “They are all miserable!”

I’m glad (Donald Trump is) running. Maybe if he runs, Hillary will get in by a landslide [laughs]. He is the most uncouth, insensitive—let him run! Now he talks about a third party. That would be good; that would split the Republicans.

She thinks Bernie Sanders is “wonderful” but that he doesn’t stand a chance because he doesn’t have the money, but she still feels he’s the best candidate.

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