Thirty Percent Of Republicans Want To Bomb A Fake City From Aladdin – No Really

If you want to see how out of touch and insane the Republican Party is, look no further than a new poll from Public Policy Polling in which thirty percent of GOP voter said they are in favor of bombing of Agrabah – a fictitious city-state set in the 1992 animated Disney rendition of Aladdin.

You read that right. One-third of Republican voters are in favor of bombing a make-believe city from a children’s movie. Only thirteen percent of GOP voters said they would oppose bombing the fictitious city while fifty-seven percent were unsure. Among identified Tea Party voters, the amount who support bombing the non-existent fantasy land was thirty-one percent, while opposition was thirty percent, and unsure was thirty-two percent.

The scariest part about all of this is the fact that those who support bombing it only do so because it sounds Middle Eastern and Islamic. There’s no other way to put it. Since it’s a fake city, it’s totally fair to assume that the eighty-seven percent of Republicans who are either in support or unsure have absolutely no idea about the “region” geopolitically (again, because it doesn’t exist) and therefore only want to bomb it as part of their fetish for war and violence in the Middle East.

The fact that one-third of Republican voters can be duped that easily shows that the anti-Muslim, anti-sanity airplane has fallen out of the sky and crashed onto delusion island.

It should be noted that nineteen percent of Democratic voters are OK with bombing Agrabah, a far cry from thirty percent, however. So one-fifth of Democratic voters are dumb and one-third of Republican voters are too.

This is why American politics are mocked across the globe (and because of Donald Trump). The American public does not think critically. Yes, the question from PPP was ambiguous, but that’s why 100 percent of the respondents should have replied with unsure. It was a random question without any background information (assuming the city was real).

Featured image via Disney Wikipedia

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