Think Trump Will Be Good For Workers And Jobs? Think Again! He Won’t Even Pay His Employees (VIDEO)

One of the selling points for Donald Trump is that he’s a good businessman. Though his four bankruptcies should have put the kibosh on that idea, his sheeple supporters ignore that indication of Trump’s actual business acumen.

Trump says that he will create jobs, so many jobs, you won’t believe. Well, you shouldn’t believe. He may create some but there’s a good possibility, based on his track record, that The Donald doesn’t give a shit about workers at those jobs getting paid.

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USA Today reports that hundreds of people who worked for Trump over the years say they are still waiting to be paid. One of them, a cabinet maker from Philadelphia, is watching the business his father built die. Edward Friel Jr. built cabinets for Harrah’s at Trump Plaza back in the mid-1980s. His contract was for $400,000; more than 30 years later he’s still awaiting payment.

Friel is, by no means, the only one still waiting for payment from Donald Trump. Workers at his resorts and clubs, bartenders, carpenters, kitchen staff, glaziers, plumbers, and painters have accused Trump of not paying them for their work. Even some of the lawyers who represented him in lawsuits filed by some of these people have not been paid. Gotta hand it to him, Trump is an equal-opportunity thief.

According to the Department of Labor, Trump has actually been cited for not paying wages. Twenty-four times since 2005, Trump’s companies have been nailed for not paying overtime and minimum wages, most of that against the Trump Mortgage LLC. Which is now out of business. Twenty-one of those cases were resolved, finally.

Donald Trump has over 200 contractor liens which have been filed against him, some dating back to the 1980s. Against the Taj Mahal alone, there are 253 contractors’ liens, seeking anywhere from $75,000 to $1 million. Those are unpaid workers who have families and who have been stiffed by Mr. “Great Businessman.”

Trump calls those lawsuits old news. They happened “a long time ago,” according to The Donald, so they don’t matter. But there are still cases being filed against him and his companies. And Trump hates to settle a case, even if he’s in the wrong (which is usually, litigants say). He will fight lawsuits viciously even though he can easily afford to settle them from the start. Rod Hannah, a lawyer representing workers who put on a 10-day Trump-sponsored Passover event in Miami, told USA Today:

Trump could have settled it right off the bat, but they wanted to fight it out, that’s their M.O. They’re known for their aggressiveness, and if you have the money, why not?

Why not? Because Donald Trump is a spoiled brat who hates losing. He just can’t let anyone win, even if they are right; in his view, Trump is never wrong. And he hires lawyers to make sure he wins. It makes you wonder what he will do when he loses in November. I predict claims of rigging the system and not playing fair. Trump will never concede that America just doesn’t want a toddler in the White House.

If you still think that Trump is a good businessman, I have some land in Florida I’d like to sell you. If Trump hasn’t already bought it and defaulted on the payments.

Here’s the story from USA Today:

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