Think Ted Cruz Is A Liar? He Is, And Here Are The Facts To Back Your Claim

Ted Cruz says some pretty outlandish things, and Ted Cruz doesn’t seem to care how dishonest those outlandish things are. Liberal blogger Allen Clifton of Forward Progressives has spent a great deal of time and done his research to give everyone the ammunition they need to prove Ted’s pants are typically on fire.

As a precursor to his research, Clifton writes:

It’s not just that Cruz is dishonest, it’s that he almost seems completely impervious to the truth. You really can’t be as dishonest as he’s been over the last couple of years without either being a delusional pathological liar or someone who’s blatantly trying to lie to the American people.

The article is a fantastic breakdown of the forty-seven times Ted Cruz statements have been rated by Politifact, a highly trusted, non-partisan research site dedicated to accuracy, both literally and contextually.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Politifact has found only 8 of 47 ( or 17 percent) of Ted Cruz’s statements to be deemed either “True” or “Mostly True.”
  • The lone “True” statement pertained to toilet seats.
  • Only 4 of the 7 “Mostly True” statements checked by Politifact happened since he became a senator.
  • Of those 4, three of them, while technically factual based on his wording, were contextually inaccurate.

The greatest part of this argument against Ted Cruz and his dishonesty is that the lone instance of a Ted Cruz statement being rated true is about toilet seats.

Ted’s blatant lies tend to be aimed more at the Christian right, whose ears are open to anyone who will tell them black men are evil, women need to be controlled and the poor should just get better jobs.

He also loves to lie about President Obama, particularly where the Affordable Care Act is concerned. He uses fear of out of control premium prices, which is a lie, how much the law costs taxpayers, where he doubles the actual figure, and my personal favorite, “Small businesses are going out of business in record numbers,” which doesn’t come remotely close to the truth.

The only good thing about Ted Cruz is he brings the trend of Teapublican lies to the national stage at a time when independents are watching.

Thanks, Ted.

Featured Image via Politifact

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