They’re Not Real, Man!: Chuck Loses It After Trump Stooge Insists Online Polls Show Trump Won Debate

Ever since Trump went down in flames during the first presidential debate, his lackeys have been working over time to convince anyone who will listen that he actually won.

Take Trump’s senior communications adviser Jason Miller, for example. Miller recently appeared sparred with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd regarding the validity of “online polls.” Todd appeared to get increasingly frustrated with Miller’s complete and utter lack of understanding SCIENTIFIC polls vs. ones that can be easily manipulated by Trump supporters looking to dogpile the results by vote spamming.

Miller: The polls that happened that night. The snap polls, the ones that happen online. Those all show Mr. Trump winning.

Todd: Wait, wait. What scientific poll had Donald Trump winning? Give me one scientific poll. Everything else was fake. Those are fan polls, man. Those are polls that computer programmers can mess with. Those aren’t real!

Indeed, it’s already been reported how the disingenuous Trump campaign flagrantly rigged online polls to make it look like trump beat Hillary in the first debate.

Via the DailyDot:

In this latest incarnation, multiple Reddit users enlisted the Trump-supporting masses on r/The_Donald, which has over 200,000 subscribers, by posting dozens of online polls that are vulnerable to vote brigading, bots, and other forms of manipulation that make these non-scientific surveys notoriously unreliable.

Trump appears to be trying to build a wall not around America’s borders, but rather around facts and reason.

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