They Made Her Sit Behind Trump Because She’s Black–What She Did Next Is AWESOME! (VIDEO)

When Johari Osayi Idusuyi decided to attend a Donald Trump rally in Springfield, Illinois, her intent wasn’t to protest. She said while she’s not a Trump supporter, she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to hear a candidate speak. What happened when she got to the venue was beyond wrong.

Trump staffers offered her and her friends “VIP” seats behind Trump, meaning they would be on camera. Idusuyi immediately recognized that she was one of few minorities there and that her placement in the crowd was deliberate. After watching Trump and his staffers bully someone with an Obama hat on, she decided a silent protest was in order.

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What happened next is nothing short of epic. The young woman took a book she had with her and began reading it, shielding her entire face from the camera. A Trump supporter tried to get her to drop it, but she told him where to go.

This vine shows the magical moment in all its glory:

Here’s a news report of the incident, shedding some more light on the protester and her wonderful motives:

Featured image via screen capture

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