Ted Cruz: Never Take A Hostage You’re Not Prepared To Shoot

Shutdown King Ted Cruz says the GOP leadership never planned on winning the fight with the president and Democrats over DHS funding on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, leadership’s plan was never to win this fight. Since December, the outcome has been baked in the cake. It was abundantly clear to anyone watching that leadership in both houses intended to capitulate on the fight against amnesty. It was a strategy doomed to failure. It’s an old adage in Washington: Never take a hostage you’re not prepared to shoot. [Source]

He also told reporters that he received animosity from other members of the House and Senate because he thought shutting DHS down was the way to win the fight against Obama. That sounds familiar doesn’t it? In 2013 he was one of the primary proponents of the 16-day government shutdown that cost the country billions of dollars. But after it became clear that the majority of Americans were pissed the f*ck off that their government was not running, he tried to rewrite history and pretend he didn’t have anything to do with it. Could it be that his colleagues remember that?

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Cruznocchio told reporters that his colleagues were angry with him because he wanted to shut it down, but in the same interview he says this:

There was no chance, zero, that Republicans were going to fail to fund the Department of Homeland Security because Republicans care deeply about homeland security.

ZERO chance!

I’m so confused, didn’t he just say that he wanted to shut it down? Now he’s saying there was zero chance of it happening? Which is it?

If we had been serious about this fight, and we should have been, the continuing resolution [under which DHS funding expired in February 2015] should have focused on the EPA, or the IRS or the Department of Labor. Now, those are departments which a majority would be prepared to allow funding to temporarily expire in order to use as leverage.

Of all of the Republicans in the House, Ted Cruz has to be the BIGGEST liar of all of them. He claims that the leadership did the wrong thing by making it a DHS fight, but he voted for it in December. Not only did he support it, he stood up with Rep. Steve King at a press conference where King proclaimed that any Republican who didn’t support the decision to tie DHS funding to immigration was betraying their oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

Does that sound like the actions of someone who does not agree that his party should have gone after DHS funding? Absolutely not.

It is the EXACT same thing he did during the 2013 Government Shutdown. That’s why his colleagues hate him and rightfully so.

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