Tea Party Treason – GOP Kentucky Governor Sells Out Party Days After Taking Office

Not even one month after new Kentucky Tea Party Governor Matt Bevin took office, he already sold out his voter base and broke what was probably his single biggest campaign pledge — he decided to keep Obamacare in Kentucky.

Bevin made a huge stink out of how much of a “failure” it was for the state to implement Obamacare and expand Medicaid. Apparently helping over 500k Kentuckians afford to go to the doctor without going bankrupt was a failure. Tea Partiers and Republicans voted for him in droves, even though most of them were depending on Kentucky’s Obamacare exchange to give them health insurance. Then, after he won the election and started laying out his strategy to completely junk Obamacare in Kentucky, these same voters were pissed off that he was going to take it away from them!

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KY Teabaggers were pissed off that Bevin was going to take away their Obamacare that they all hate. Are they going to be pissed off again when he leaves it in place?

Bevin said at a press conference Wednesday:

We are going to transform the way Medicaid is delivered in Kentucky and this transformation I think will be a model to the nation.

What, really? Do you mean Obamacare hasn’t already “transformed” the way Kentucky delivered health insurance to its citizens? Bevin continued on to say he wanted the changes made “to make people as un-dependent as possible.” Un-dependent. Riiiight.

One of the individuals Bevin has brought on to help implement the reboot of Obamacare is Mark Birdwhistell, an administrator at the University of Kentucky HealthCare.

Birdwhistell, citing Indiana’s state exchange, was quoted as saying:

We have looked at models in other states. My personal preference is we need a Kentucky model.

I can’t even… You already have a Kentucky model! It’s called Kentucky Kynect! I feel really bad for the citizens of Kentucky because their governor and his helpers seem to be so stupid that they don’t understand their state already has in place, the exact thing they plan on creating.

Indiana’s state exchange is also the one he is basing this opinion from. Anyone with 5 seconds and google can see that is a bad idea. Indiana’s state government has been lying about their numbers in an effort to make Obamacare look bad. Bevin is basing his plan for Obamacare’s transformation in Kentucky on a system that has a proven history of inaccurate data.

Here is an alternate theory: Bevin wants to destroy Obamacare as bad as the next guy, but he wants to have it hurt the people until even those that need it ask him to junk it. Bevin and his cohorts will do something to break the functionality of the program while figuring out a way to funnel huge amounts of money to corporate interests. Once he can finally remove it and is no longer governor, he will land a do-nothing job with one of them for a couple million dollars a year.

Again, there isn’t any real proof of this but the only alternative theory is that a Tea Partier decided to help other people. We know that is an impossibility.

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