Rick Scott F*cks Over Almost A Million Poor Floridians, AGAIN

Florida’s government has come to an almost complete stop in the last few weeks because of the House and Senate’s Medicaid expansion battle. It’s so bad that House Republicans banned the public from a meeting and walked out of budget negotiations, both of which violate the state constitution. Now with a government shutdown looming, Governor Rick Scott is telling working poor Floridians that he doesn’t give a sh*t about them.

Governor Skeletor told reporters on Tuesday that offering 800,000 Floridians private insurance through a Medicaid expansion isn’t going to happen:

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It’s not going to happen. There is no support in the House. I’m not going to support it. It’s not a program that has worked.

The mind-blowing thing with his opposition is that he once supported the expansion. Shortly after his reelection last year, Scott told the press that he supported expanding the program to nearly one million families in the state. When he was running for reelection he said the same thing, but now that he actually has the opportunity to step up to the plate and do it, he’s backing down.

Don’t worry though, he says that he may call a special session to put an end to the bickering between the House and Senate because he wants to do the “right thing”:

It’s one of the things I’m looking at. We’ve got to get a budget done by the end of June. I’m going to make sure we continue to run the state. So I’ll do what the right thing is for our citizens.

Clearly his Medicaid support was just something he said to get people to reelect him and unfortunately people bought it. This guy has never, ever done anything for the poor people of the state of Florida. If he really wanted to do the “right thing” he would have used his political capital and gotten the Senate’s expansion passed.

Former Governor Charlie Crist was given a lot of grief for switching parties, but the one thing he did when he was in office was take care of the people in this state no matter the cost to him. Scott does the exact opposite every single time. Why did we elect him again?

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