Republican Rep. Peter King Criticizes The 47 Traitors And Their Letter To Iran

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) is not an Obama foreign policy fan, but even he disagrees with the 47 traitors in the Senate and their despicable letter to Iran.

Speaking to the press at the International Association of Fire Fighters presidential forum Tuesday morning, he made it very clear that the Senators were wrong for undermining the President by sending their childish letter:

I believe in a strong presidency. I don’t know if I would have signed the letter. I don’t trust the president on this, quite frankly, though I don’t know if I’d go public with it to a foreign government. [Source]

Any lawmaker with any common sense wouldn’t go to another government and make their president look weak, but we are not talking about people with common sense. We are talking about Tea Party Republicans who want nothing more than to obstruct President Obama by any means necessary.

The forty-seven traitors who sent that letter want two things: to destroy Obama and to start a war with Iran.

In recent weeks, Peter King has had to step forward and condemn his party twice for their antics. The first time was when Republicans tried to shut down the Department of Homeland Security, and now this. While I do not always agree with King, at least he knows how to govern. He knows that shutting down the department in charge of the nation’s security is completely idiotic, and he knows that sending a letter to a longtime foe is asinine.

King is now among an increasing number of politicians who are coming out and blasting Tom Cotton and his band of imbeciles for sending the letter. Vice President Joe Biden called the traitors’ actions “dangerous” and Bernie Sanders accused them of trying to start a war.

What they did is absolutely despicable. It makes our country look weak while we are trying to negotiate with a foreign adversary. The GOP is proving once again that they have no business being in office.

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