The NRA And GOP Are Going To FREAK The F*ck Out Over This Real-Time, Gun Violence Twitter Feed (TWEETS)

We have a HUGE problem with guns in this country, anyone with half a brain knows this. We have thousands of gun deaths every year and hundreds of MASS shootings each year. We are the only advanced country in the world that has this level of gun violence and yet, the Republican party and their sugar daddy’s at the National Rifle Association (NRA) say there is no problem. Their constant denials of the obvious are exactly why the A.N.G.I.E. Project Twitter feed are going to make them flip the fuck out.

The A.N.G.I.E. Project was started as a was to keep Americans informed about the level of violence we are continuing to turn a blind eye to. The “About” section of their website explains exactly what they are doing:

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The A.N.G.I.E. Project was created to let Americans actually see in near real-time the true unfiltered amount of gun violence that is occurring on a daily basis all across the United States of America.

A.N.G.I.E. is an elaborate computer program that spends 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, scanning the United States of America for acts of gun violence. That information is then shared with all Americans in one single Twitter feed.

In just the last hour, the feed has posted more than twenty shootings. Here are just a few:

The NRA and GOP — along with all of their ammosexual followers — will try to explain this away and blame mental illness, drugs, autism, crickets, water balloons, the wind, people, not enough guns, maple syrup, or anything else for the amount of mayhem guns have caused — except the actual things that make it possible for this many dead people: guns. Our kids can literally not go to school and know that they will come home in the afternoon. Gun violence is so bad in this country, that we have a greater chance of being randomly shot in a public place, than dying in a car accident. How fecked is that?! This Twitter feed in an excellent place to go if you want to see just how desperatly we need stricter gun laws (as if the twenty dead babies at Sandy Hook wasn’t enough evidence of that), but as they say on their site:

What Americans choose to do with that knowledge and information is up to them…



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