GOP Plotters Look To Overthrow Boehner

On Friday night House Republicans passed a DHS funding bill that will keep the department running for one measly week. The passing of the bill was a sad illustration of not only how dysfunctional Capitol Hill has become, but of how little control Boehner has over his party anymore.

In December, during a meeting of the Republican Study Committee, Georgia Rep. Tom Price made suggestion to his party that he thought might help them attack President Obama and make him cave on the executive actions he’d recently laid out for immigration reform. His idea was to refuse to fund immigration enforcement until Obama rolled over and played their game.

At the time, we were at a roadblock and I thought — many of us thought — we needed a way to get around that impasse. My sense was if we were able to tie funding for the president…to the portions of the appropriations process that dealt with immigration itself, that would allow for us to focus the nation’s attention on the real problem, which is the president’s illegal and unconstitutional executive action. [Source]

Unfortunately for Price, he didn’t take into consideration that his party is filled with far-right lunatics whose only goals are to completely disrupt the government they hate, in order to push through their extreme ideals. So those far-right wackadoodles had a better idea: hold the entire DHS hostage and refuse to fund it until Obama got rid of not just the 2014 reforms, but also the older executive orders that gave legal status to DREAMERs.

If you think this sounds familiar, you are not wrong. It is exactly what the party did in 2013 when the entire government shut down for 16 days in an attempt to bully Obama into getting rid of Obamacare. It didn’t work, and ended up costing the country $24 billion. But who cares about money when ideology is on the line!

Ideology is how the extremists got Boehner to go along with their plan to hold the DHS hostage. Well, ideology and the fact that he was being challenged for his job as Speaker of the House in January.

Over the next two months Captain Orange was warned by Democrats in the Senate and even Republicans, like Mitch McConnell, that the plan was not a good idea. Harry Reid made it crystal clear that he would not allow the Republican bill to ever reach the Senate floor for debate. House Republicans didn’t listen, of course, and passed a bill full of anti-immigration riders anyway.

True to his word, Reid filibustered the four attempts McConnell made to bring the bill forward for a procedural vote. Out of options, McConnell agreed to pass a bill free of immigration riders, or a “clean” DHS funding bill. His common sense move angered some of the extremists in the House.

The entire saga came to a head on Friday with just hours left until the funding ran out. Boehner scrambled and tried to get the votes necessary to pass a three-week stop-gap measure but he failed. He realized that his party is just not that into him when FIFTY-TWO Republicans crossed party lines and joined Democrats to kill the measure.

In a time when bipartisanship seems to be a thing of the past, it is huge that so many Republicans rebelled and sided with Democrats. It shows just how frustrated members are with Boehner and the antics of the Tea Party members. Rep. Peter King (R-NY) said what everyone else is thinking:

This madness has to end soon. . . I’ve had it with this self-righteous, delusional wing of the party. [Source]

King said members of his party are so busy hating Obama that they are willing to put the country at risk. He’s right and Boehner is a big part of the problem.

With that in mind, it isn’t at all surprising that members of the GOP are now making moves to go after Boehner’s position:

Some members of U.S. House Speaker John Boehner’s party are threatening a long-shot maneuver to weaken his hold on the post. . . The procedural maneuver to declare his office ‘vacant,’ while almost certain to fail, would further demonstrate the depth of frustration with Boehner among disgruntled Republicans who have challenged his leadership before. [Source]

When Republicans took control of the Senate in November they told the masses that they were going to get this country back on track. The imbeciles who voted for them, the ones who won’t admit Obama has already done that, believed all of the nonsense that they spewed.

The rest of us sat back with smiles on our faces because we knew that Republicans, especially the Republicans of this age, have no idea how to lead. The only thing they are concerned with is their craptastic ideologies and hurting as many people as they can in the process.

Boehner has been losing his grip for a long time and this recent fiasco just further proves he is an absolute failure. A senior GOP Senator said it best:

Never go into these things without a plan.

Unfortunately for Captain Orange, that’s exactly what he did and now it may cost him big.

 H/T: Politico | Featured image via Facebook

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