Former GOP Rep. Says Islamic Terrorists Should Kill CNN And MSNBC Anchors

Former Republican Representative/vile racist/deadbeat dad, Joe Walsh is at again. Walsh, well known for his inflammatory comments, took to Twitter and wished death on news anchors that he doesn’t like.

Walsh tweeted:

Let’s hope that when the Islamists next strike they first behead the appeasing cowards at CNN, MSNBC, etal who refused to show the cartoons. [Source]

After some backlash, Walsh continued with the rant:

Islamists dont take orders from me. They’ll inevitably strike again, and cowards continue to empower them.    [Source]

Walsh is angry that the networks decided not to air the Charlie Hebdo cartoons that led to the Paris massacre, so he calls for an act of terror while condemning networks for “empowering” terrorists?

NO! Of course not! Walsh tweeted a clarification for anyone who is smart enough to decipher what he said:

I don’t hope for another act of terror but I know it will happen. And the appeasing cowards at CNN etal only endanger all of us. [Source]

It sure sounded like he was hoping for another act of terror. Actually, he sounds EXACTLY like a terrorist.

Instead of just disagreeing with the networks’ policy, as many on the left have, he called for them to be beheaded.

I am once again struck by how violent the extreme right is. The Tea Party isn’t the anti-taxation group it once was; it has morphed into a violent group of imbeciles.

How often do you hear about a liberal calling for the deaths of Fox “News” anchors? Never, because we are not insane.

The Tea Party has absolutely no problem with expressing their horrible desire to hurt everyone who doesn’t agree with them. They’ve called for President Obama’s death more times than I can count.

Joe Walsh is a disgusting human being and he belongs to a larger group of disgusting human beings. But this was low, even for him.

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