‘Creepy’ N.C. Anti-Abortion Law Forces Doctors To Send Ultrasounds To State Officials

The Republican Party has been chipping away at women’s rights for years, writing one misogynistic bill after another, so it really doesn’t surprise us when they create yet another one. However, a bill that just went into effect in North Carolina (that is creepy as f*ck!) will have you shaking your head even harder than usual at how daft the GOP can really be.

According to the new bill, abortion doctors who perform the procedure past the sixteen-week mark of gestation must send ultrasound pictures to state officials. Republicans in the state claim that they passed it to ensure that doctors are complying with the state’s draconian twenty-week abortion ban.  The way it supposedly works is, after officials with North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services receive the pictures, they verify the “probable gestational age” of the fetus to determine whether or not the woman in eligible for an abortion.

Anti-abortion activist Tami Fitzgerald helped get the law passed because she claims that she wanted to make sure that doctors were not lying about how far along the pregnancy was — even though she has no proof that physicians have been doing so.

According to Raw Story:

The law’s stated purpose is to gather ultrasound data for “statistical purposes only,” and proponents insist patients’ and doctors’ names will be kept confidential.

But pro-choice critics, such as Gerrick Brenner of the liberal group Progress NC Action, described the law as a “creepy scheme” that reminds them of “something out of George Orwell’s ‘1984.’”

This law is just another example of militant, pseudo-Christians trying to humiliate women and intimidate doctors.

They are forcing women, who have already made an incredibly difficult decision, to undergo an invasive (especially if it’s a transvaginal ultrasound) medical procedure for absolutely no reason.

These pro-fetus activists and lawmakers seem to believe that women only started having abortions after Roe V. Wade, but that is just when women stopped dying (for the most part) from terminating pregnancies. What’s worse is that these people are not actually “pro-life” because if they were, they’d do everything they can to prevent abortions. This means they’d stop supporting things like the Hobby Lobby ruling that allows employers to put restrictions on birth control. They would also make sure that all schools taught comprehensive sexual education. Furthermore, if they were “pro-life” they’d want to provide children with food, housing, and an education after birth — but, Republicans are against “welfare.”

I’m sure it’s all about statistics, though…

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