Anti-Choice Activist Calls For ‘Military Strategy’ Against Women’s Health Clinics

I remember when the shooting at Planned Parenthood happened. It seems like so long ago.

When it happened, the religious right rushed to slam the shooter, claiming he wasn’t a “real true Christian” because they blamed Planned Parenthood itself for the shootings. They did everything possible to make sure they wouldn’t have to take responsibility for their own rhetoric.

And yet, here we are, with another right-winger — the president of Life Dynamics, Mike Crutcher — calling for “military tactics” against the pro-choice movement while shilling his latest book, “Siege: A Pro-Life Field Manual.”

But no, there’s no way real Christians would ever take a gun and shoot up a woman’s health clinic. There’s no way “pro-life” rhetoric could ever influence stochastic terrorism. Not at all.

This lack of self-awareness is simply astounding

While speaking in a radio interview with Cleveland Right to Life’s Molly Smith, Crutcher shilled his new book and claimed he’s in the process of building a facility that would spit out David Daleidens — the diseased mind behind the doctored Planned Parenthood videos.

In particular, Crutcher said he was developing a curriculum  of “professional training to help pro-lifers understand how to go inside the very cloistered and very closed abortion industry and bring out their dirty little secrets.”

Maybe it’s just me, but that doesn’t sound impressive. I was under the impression the religious right considered lying an ability we’re all born with.

The real lack of self-awareness came when he began describing his book, called “Siege: A Pro-Life Manual,” which I constantly read as “Siege: A Pro-Life Mentality,” because my auto-correct works:

The book is called ‘Siege,’ which, of course, is a military term, because I look at this as a war,” he told Smith. “There is a war being waged right now and people need to understand, the war is not between the pro-life side and the pro-abortion side or the pro-choice side, whatever you want to call it. The war is between the abortion lobby and the unborn child. We are simply, basically a volunteer army that signed up to defend those who can’t defend themselves, in other words the unborn child. But that’s where the war is. It’s not between us and our enemies, it’s between our enemies and the babies.

That he specifically calls out a military term should be enough, but he went farther, arguing the anti-choicers need to “start applying basic military strategy” to their endeavors.

The most basic of military strategies, of course, being shoot the enemy.

This — this right here, I cannot spell it out clear enough. This is why Dear shot up Planned Parenthood. This exact rhetoric.

Furthermore, given the nature of this rhetoric, it’s time for the “pro-life” movement to finally admit what Dear did was entirely ethical within the framework of reality they’ve constructed for themselves. If abortion really is murdering little children, and it really is worse than the Holocaust, and you really do need military strategy to fight back against it, then taking a gun and shooting people who work in the medical field preforming the surgery is not only ethical, but morally mandated.

All the bullshitting in the world can’t change this. I don’t care how epistemically shielded you are, have the intellectual fortitude to admit that, if you think Christianity is defined by it’s opposition to abortion and abortion really is that bad, then Christianity justifies any means to the end, up to and including the murder of American citizens involved.

And once they admit that, maybe people will start viewing the “pro-life movement” for the terrorists they really are.

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