A Short List Of Obama’s ‘Failures’ That Ben Carson Said Were ‘Too Depressing’ To List At The CPAC

In an attempt to win over potential voters, silly retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson said that Obama was such a failure that it would be “too depressing” to list all of the ways the president has failed during his CPAC speech yesterday. So we here at If You Only News are going to help Benny out.

Presenting President Obama’s biggest failures:

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  • Passed Healthcare Reform: In 2010, Obama did what no president before him has been able to do and signed the Affordable Care Act into law. In its first year 8 million people signed up; in its second, roughly 11.4 million people became insured. THAT FAILURE!
  • Passed Wall Street Reform: Obama signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010 in an attempt to regulate the financial institutions that brought this country to its knees in 2008. Republicans are now attempting to weaken these reforms in order to please their financial overlords. If it failed, why are they working so hard to stop it?
  • Killed Bin Laden: Obama authorized a Navy SEAL team to take Bin Laden out in 2011. Something Bush tried and failed to do for his entire presidency.
  • Ended the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: No more wars? How will Republicans survive?!!
  • Saved the auto industry: Thanks to Obama’s smart thinking and $62 million stimulus in 2009, the auto industry is now experiencing record profits.
  • Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”After 17 years of discrimination, members of the gay military were allowed to begin openly serving their country in 2011.
  • Reduced the federal deficit by more than halfReduced the federal budget deficit from 9.8% of GDP in Fiscal Year 2009 under Bush, to 2.9% of GDP in 2014.
  • Stock Market soared: The Dow Jones is fully recovered from the recession in spite of Republicans and their dire warnings the Obama is going to kill the market with regulations.
  • Unemployment rate plummetedThe unemployment rate is now 5.6% the lowest it has been in a decade.
  • Job growthThe private sector has experienced 59 straight month of positive job growth. Republicans claim Obama’s policies will kill the private sector but just the opposite is proving true as he outperforms Reagan.

Oh yeah! Obama is a failure!! Wait a second……



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