These Sexist Political Pins At Trump Rallies Perfectly Demonstrate Why He’s Going To Lose (IMAGES)

Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, he is going to have to turn his attention to winning over women and minorities (HAHA!). The problem with that, obviously, is he and his supporters have absolutely no respect for anyone who is different than them and they especially hate women. At a recent campaign rally in South Bend, Indiana, Trump’s supporters started peddling anti-Hillary buttons that perfectly demonstrate why he will never be able to win over the women in this country.

Washington Post reporter Jenna Johnson was at the rally in South Bend when she spotted these:

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Apparently, in the world of Trump, it is totally fine to call a woman a bitch. They also seem to think the size of her breasts and thighs decide whether or not she will be a good president. This isn’t very surprising when you consider that their candidate has repeatedly called women “fat pigs” and other demeaning terms. This also isn’t the first time Trump’s uneducated flock has rolled out sexist campaign swag, take a look at some of the other anti-Hillary gear:

Republicans will say “Well, HE isn’t the one selling them. Mr. Trump doesn’t condone such sexism!!” That’d be fine if it were actually true, buttttttttt when someone held up a sign that said “Trump that Bitch” at one of Trump’s rallies, he reacted exactly as we’d expect a sexist to react:

Donald Trump will never, ever win the women’s vote with that kind of bullshit and he needs it to win since – newsflash – we account for more than half of the electorate. Seventy-three percent of  women have an unfavorable opinion of Trump. To put that into perspective, Romney lost the female vote in 2012 by twelve points with only 44 percent of women voting for him. If you combine that with his low polling among Latino voters and African-Americans, it’s an almost guaranteed loss.

Featured image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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