These People Tried A $200 Bottle Of Trump Vodka, But Their Reactions Are PRICELESS (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has had A LOT of failed business ventures. Trump airlines failed; Trump steaks failed; Trump’s Taj Mahal failed; and then, of course, we have the failed Trump vodka. After hearing Trump talk about how incredible his vodka was (even though consumers didn’t think so), Buzzfeed decided to buy a bottle and give it to a group of test subjects – and their reactions were awesome.

Before taking a shot of it, the group mused about what it would taste like. One said,”It probably tastes like misogyny,” another said it was “going to taste like self-tanner.” But the real hilarity began when they actually put it in their mouths. The reactions ranged from “that’s surprisingly good” to “that tastes like a [urinary tract infection].”

After seeing their reactions it is no wonder the brand no longer exists. Trump vodka was introduced in 2007 and like many of his other bright ideas it was gone just a few years later in 2011. — an alcohol review site — described its rise and fall:

Unloved in life and unlamented at death, Trump Vodka was a half-baked idea to begin with, and ended not with a bang but with an un-Trump-like whimper. Whoever thought it up ougtta be fired.


Hopefully, his move into politics ends in the same manner his vodka did: Abject failure.

See Buzzfeed’s video of their Trump vodka guinea pigs:

Featured image via video screenshot

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