These Actors Just Flipped The Script On Racial Stereotypes (VIDEO)

While those on the right are busy demonizing anyone that isn’t white, male, straight and Christian, the trope about Hollywood is that it’s a liberal, politically correct mecca. As this video shows, it’s not.

Hollywood loves stereotypes. They are attempting to offer more well-rounded characters that aren’t white men, but they still often fail, especially, it seems, with the Latino community.

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This video, by, shows that Hollywood still hasn’t learned that Latino people are fully integrated into our society and that there are Latino doctors and lawyers and computer programmers. Instead, they’re generally seen as lazy, stupid, violent, oversexed or any number of the stereotypes that affect Latin-Americans.

Mic asked what would happen if white people were stereotyped in such a way and the results are both shocking and hilarious. What does it mean to “be white?” No one really knows because white people are portrayed with nuance.

Watch the video below:

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