These 15 Images Of Syrian Children Prove There Is No Such Thing As A ‘Pro-Life’ Republican

The Syrian Civil War has produced over four million refugees and it is stated that nearly half of the displaced are children.

As the right-wing politicians preach messages that promote fear and hatred towards an assembly of people already victimized by war, these children wait. They wait for someone, anyone, to shelter them with the compassion and love we are all capable of — when our knees aren’t trembling.

While the ever-growing threat of terrorism is something we certainly should be mindful of, are we really going to allow our own fear to prevent us from reaching out and doing the right thing?

The photo project Where the Children Sleep by Photojournalist Magnus Wennman is something our Republican friends really need to see.

These poignant images reveal a reality that is in stark contrast to the coercive rhetoric of fear that permeates the right-wing talking points.

These children are not ISIS. They are victims of ISIS.














While the right-wing frets, here are ways you can help.

Featured image via Instagram/MagnusWennman

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