The World Couldn’t Stop Staring At What Was In Trump’s Hair During His Mexico Visit (VIDEO)

The only thing more distracting than Donald Trump’s orange face is that thing on his head. For many of us, trying to figure out what it is exactly has turned into a game more addicting than Pokemon Go. And it looks like we might finally have the answer.

It seems many Twitter users noticed something not quite right about Trump’s hair during his joint Mexican presser. Zooming in on several still frames, they discovered that Trump uses bobby pins to keep his massively bad combover in place. No word yet on whether the bobby pins were made in Mexico or China.

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I suppose it’s better than using the tears of a lion cub to slick back your hair like his kids obviously do.

Here’s a still image of the very patriotic and luxurious bobby pin:


One can only surmise that his clownish hairstyle is stretched so tightly to conceal some major bald spot that it has to be held in place by bobby pins. Somebody will most definitely be getting fired over this, as there is no way Trump would ever deliberately show such a glaring vulnerability.

Featured image via screen capture

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