The Winner Of The Second Republican Debate: Bernie Sanders On Twitter… Again. (TWEETS)

Republicans met again on CNN recently, comparing notes on how to best force women to give birth and invade countries full of brown people. During the night, rarely did any question get answered with anything other than banning abortion or cries for more war. Who knew that we could solve our problems with income inequality, poverty, hunger, education, healthcare and infrastructure by just hating gay people, turning women into breeding tanks and destroying middle-eastern nations?

Bernie Sanders was watching, and he had some choice responses on twitter:

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First came Marco Rubio, saying things we already know to sound smart. Bernie was having none of it.

Then on to the easy target of Trump.

And then he went onto the expected dig at Jeb Bush, whose brother “kept us safe”.

The night went on, but nobody wanted to talk about anything other than the old status quo.

Then, the debate turned towards the GOP’s simultaneous obsession and hatred of the uterus.

Not surprising anyone, the Republicans blamed literally every problem in the world on President Obama

Finally Bernie had to quit early, because he couldn’t stand listening any longer.

Related: Bernie’s disgust for this farce of a debate trickled down to a CNN interview.

As a whole, the debate touched on literally nothing besides attacking Iran, banning abortion and an almost Tourettes-like compulsion to promise to take money away from poor people and give it to billionaires. Some have argued that Carly Fiorina distinguished herself during the debate, but her loudest moment was when she screamed at the camera about watching a live infant being assigned for “harvesting” at Planned Parenthood. The problem is that in none of the already debunked videos does the “carnage” Fiorina describes even exist. Assuming that Fiorina bogarted the pre-debate GOP crack pipe in the green room certainly wouldn’t be much of a stretch.

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