The ‘War On Christmas’ Could Get This University Chancellor Fired

If you’ve ever wondered what the war on Christmas is really about, it’s not at all about preserving the integrity of the day that Jesus was allegedly born, it’s about Christians trying to claim nearly a quarter of the year for their own and here’s proof:

The chancellor of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Jimmy Cheek, is under fire today, but not for letting frat boys get away with rape, and not for being racist or for a tasteless tweet. He’s not even under fire for not being politically correct enough. He’s under fire for including non-Christians in a holiday party.

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The school’s website says:

Holiday parties and celebrations should celebrate and build upon workplace relationships and team morale with no emphasis on religion or culture. Ensure your holiday party is not a Christmas party in disguise.

Consider having a New Year’s party and include décor and food from multiple religions and cultures. Use it as an opportunity to reinvigorate individuals for the new year’s goals and priorities.

Supervisors and managers should not endorse, or be perceived as endorsing, religion generally or a specific religion.

But, this is Tennessee and they don’t have room for heathens. State Rep. Andy Holt wants none of that inclusiveness. He wants Cheek fired.

Now, we have news that the University is telling students and staff that they should not have Christmas parties because they will offend non-Christians. Unfortunately, Cheek did not put a stop to this. Therefore, I join Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, Sen. Mike Bell and Sen. Delores Gresham in calling for the immediate resignation of Chancellor Cheek.

The University of Tennessee is a public university, so there is no assumption of Christianity, other than it being in, well, Tennessee.  Also, because it’s a public university, it collects taxpayer dollars and by law, they cannot discriminate based on religion. Still, for people itching to discriminate, just because it makes them feel better about themselves, they can take comfort in the world Trump is building.

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