The Truth About That [email protected] ‘Hong Kong Protester’ Who Snapped Back A Teargas Canister (Video)

You know that amazing “Hong Kong protester” caught on video whipping that tear gas canister back at police with balletic, Matrix-style grace? Well, he isn’t who you think he is… but he’s STILL totally [email protected]

Reporte Confidential explains that the “Hong Kong protester” video — shown below — actually came from protests in the Chacao district of Caracas, Venezuela earlier this year, when thousands took to the streets to protest high levels of violent crime, inflation, scarcity of basic necessities, and other hardships caused by bad government policies.

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But the “Hong Kong protester” footage took on a life of its own when a Facebook user posted it on Facebook as part of the “Umbrella Revolution” in Hong Kong… which then got featured on LiveLeak… and finally got debunked by those ‘net savvy skeptics on Reddit.

The fact that this video has nothing to do with the huge protests in Hong Kong makes the man’s resourceful athletic feat no less impressive. Especially if — as some Reddit posters claim — the [email protected] protester really is rocking a Guy Fawkes mask (honestly, this writer can’t tell).

 Watch this amazing “Hong Kong protester” video for yourself.

Redditors unravel the “Hong Kong protester” mystery.

So, what clued the folks at Reddit in about the original YouTube poster’s error (whose video clip has over 950,000 views and counting)?

Well, for starters, someone at Reddit either can read Mandarin or knows someone who does.

daijobu: Top comment in Mandarin says that this is in Venezuela not HK. Please learn to Mandarin some more OP.

 Oh, and then there’s that curious RC logo:

vokmm: Also, The “RC” on the top right of the video stands for ‘Reporte Confidencial’. A program that has been reporting on the protests in Chacao, Venezuela.


Slipperyeels  Holy sh*t that spiral at :44.

Featured photo of the ‘Hong Kong protester’ who was really protesting this spring in Chacao, Venezuela from Report Confidentiale via Live Leak.

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